How to Password Protect Your WordPress Page


Many people around the world regularly work on WordPress to create their pages over the internet. It is extremely important to protect your page through a password, especially in circumstances such as:

  • If you are training a bunch of students and you wish to give them additional information online and want to hide it from other internet users
  • To give more sense of value to the participants
  • You might have special links for your clients, which you do not want to make public

Follow the below-mentioned steps to make your WordPress page password protected:

  • Go to the upper right hand ‘Publish’ box, where you will find all the settings, and click on ‘Edit’


  • You are now required to change the visibility to ‘Password protected’ from being ‘Public’


  • Enter the password of your choice in the given box


Your WordPress page is now password protected and you can freely share it with your clients, students, colleagues, friends or family.




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