Dashlane Password Manager Review

Dashlane is a relatively new, but extremely competent, contender in the arena of password managers. What sets it apart from its numerous rivals is the so-called look and feel – the tremendously user-friendly interface. It doesn’t require you to perform stressful and complex configurations. Described in a single word, it is sleek! Are you one of those people whose desk is a mess due to numerous sticky notes bearing your passwords? Are you reluctant to spend a fortune on password management software? In case you have answered these questions with a “yes”, then Dashlane might just be your solution to this problem. It’s free, exceptionally easy to use and is capable of managing a huge plethora of passwords for you while ensuring their security. Unlike many other password managers, Dashlane actually does make your life easier.  It circumvents the need for excessive tutorials, since; you will be able to easily use it merely through your instincts. .

Proffered Features

Dashlane offers the same set of features that a typical password management tool is expected to offer. It has quite an elegant interface that puts the user at ease. It allows the users to manage their passwords efficiently in a secure way, with minimal effort on their part.

Getting Started with Dashlane 

Dashlane surpasses your average password manager. The other password managers start off with asking you to set a strong master password. It might add to your frustrations when you are unable to come up with a password which is strong enough.  You can overcome this situation by using Dashlane which guides you through the process of creating that very critical password. It asks the user to enter a memorable sentence and a number. These characters are then used to suggest a password which you may use as your master password. It’s a comfort when a dialog box doesn’t keep appearing with every password you enter, telling you that it isn’t strong enough. This technique is actually a very good way of generating strong passwords. It also allows you to import passwords from browsers like IE or Firefox, and even from other password managers, like LastPass and RoboForm.

In terms of Usage

Once you’ve installed it, Dashlane allows you to add entries to it, just like every other password manager does. It allows you to add your bank credit card information much more thoroughly as compared to the other managers. You can enter the name of the bank for every card along with the card color. This feature helps you when you’re filling forms by helping you to select the right card by its color or the bank. Dashlane logs you out automatically after a set amount of time of inactivity has been detected.  It asks you whether, or not, you plan to change any settings for the automatic log out.


Another remarkable feature that Dashlane possess is the ability to synchronize. It means that using an online account, you’re able to synchronize your passwords so that you can access it from any computer, as long as they run on Windows or Mac. It also allows you to reverse the synchronization if you want. Not synchronizing your data on a cloud might seem like a good idea, but Dashlane ensures the utmost protection of your synchronized data by using powerful encryption methods.

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