5 Best Password Managers For Your Android Phone

Passwords, passwords everywhere! E-mail, bank account numbers, PIN numbers, passwords of numerous social networking sites. Everywhere you look, a password pops up for you to remember. But can you remember all the passwords for each account, while keeping them safe and secure at the same time?

As a matter of fact, you can! And that too on your Android device. These password managers for Android take password management to a whole new level, making sure you do not have to remember each and every password separately ever again, while ensuring maximum security. Let’s have a look at 5 best password managers for Android:

mSecure – $9.99

A password manager as well as a digital wallet, mSecure keeps your personal information away from prying eyes using 256-bit encryption. mSecure comes with a built-in password generator to help you create strong passwords, while the Sync Everywhere feature allows data syncing between multiple devices over a standard internet connection. The Auto-lock feature protects your passwords from unwanted users, and this password manager also has a self-destruct option, which protects your personal information from hackers in case your phone gets lost or stolen.

KeePassDroid – Free

The best thing about KeePassDroid is that it is available for free, while the level of security is the same as that of paid password managers. KeePassDroid is the Android version of the popular password manager KeePass, and is one of the most effective and popular open source apps out there. All passwords are stored in an encrypted database, and the app lets you copy the username and password to the clipboard for easy insertion in web forms. The clipboard is automatically cleared after some time to ensure maximum security.

1Password – $50

1Password is yet another password management app that is quite popular among Android users. This app locks all your data behind a strong password, supports multi-tasking, and allows safe and secure synchronization with 1Password for Windows and Mac. The only downside to 1Password Android app is that it is read-only, i.e. you can access your login and account information, but cannot add new passwords using this app. Otherwise, 1Password is a great password manager that stands out from most other similar apps in terms of security and features. This app comes with a 30-day trial period, after which you have to pay a one-time license fee ($50) for continued use.

LastPass – $1 per month

LastPass is one of the most popular password management apps available in the market, with the recently updated Android version offering even more features. In the updated version, you can add attachments as images, PDF files and video recordings, while the user-interface offers some changes as well. LastPass also has an automatic form-filler that fills out lengthy web forms within no time at all with the information you have saved earlier. Apart from that, it is available on 14-day trial, so you can get a feel of the password management app and get accustomed to all its features.

SafeWallet – $3.95

Using 256-bit encryption, SafeWallet offers a simple way to manage all your personal information and keeps it well-organized. With SafeWallet, you can also keep your data in sync with other devices using Dropbox Syncing. The simple and straightforward interface makes SafeWallet easy to use, keeping your personal and official work separate using two distinct folders. You can also add more folders as well as cards, and use the password manager for 12 days before deciding to purchase it.

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