5 Best Desktop Password Managers of 2013


When passwords were created, they were thought to be impregnable, and then came the hackers. Nowadays, one easy password is not enough to protect important data or accounts (banking or those on social networks). Even more vulnerable are those accounts having a common password, because cracking one will automatically open the others for the intruder. Coming up with a complicated and strong password is no easy feat. On the other hand, having one unique password for every account is even more difficult. However, there are some useful applications available that can do this job for you. Password managers are used for generating, storing and in some cases, automatically entering passwords. Here are five desktop password managers that are ideal for the job.


No discussion of password managers is complete without LastPass which is particularly popular because it works on every browser; Firefox, Chrome, Safari; you name it. It allows you to generate complex passwords and auto fills your log in details when you visit a site or service should you choose that option. Its premium version costs 12 dollars for mobiles, but is free for desktops.


Its basic features are similar to most password managers, but no one can ignore the slickness in its use. It smoothly enters usernames, passwords and other information to logon to websites and fills out forms. It stores all the confidential data on your computer only if you choose the desktop version. If you use a cloud storage application then you have nothing to worry about, as RoboForm will not transfer data to the cloud. Desktop version is ideal for individual use as it allows you to store passwords and forms on your computer. Anywhere version allows you to store data across several computers and mobile devices. It is offered free for the first 10 logins, $29.95 for one computer and $19.95 per year for several devices.

Norton Identity Safe:

Norton is already well known for its security tools. Norton Identity Safe is its way of stepping onto the password manager bandwagon. It is equipped with the standard features for making password management easy such as form filling, unlimited notes (for sending passwords), a browser extension that warns you of suspicious websites and cross device sync. It also supports multiple browsers, iOS and Android. You can download it for free, and it does not have a premium version although it does require a Norton account.


DirectPass is offered by Trend Micro and other than offering the same conventional password management features, it also has something different; a single master password which can be used to protect all the other passwords saved in the application. It is available for Windows, Android and iOS. DirectPass is free for up to five passwords, but for unlimited the charges are $14.95 per year.


The best thing about Keepass desktop password manager is; it is free and open source. You can transfer the application to a USB, to another computer or cloud storage if you wish. AES and 256-bit Blowfish encryption make sure that your data is not vulnerable even if your drive is lost or stolen.


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