Top 5 Password Managers, As Rated By Tech Experts

Are you looking for a free password manager? Storing all your passwords in one protected place can save you a lot of time and hassle but a password manager can do a lot more than simple storage to keep your digital life secure.

TOP1 - PasswordBox - Password Manager - 1-Click Login Everywhere

Free, secure, simple and beautifully designed… PasswordBox is our choice for best digital life and password manager.

PasswordBox uses one Master Password that is only known by you to access your information.  But once logged into your account…. Password box makes browsing the web and protecting your online accounts a flawless experience.  The free password manager uses Military-Level AES 256-bit encryption locally on the device you are using passwordbox(desktop, Android, or iOS) so your encrypted data is never stored on a server.  When you sign up to new accounts for the first time, it detects the new user name and can create a strong password with its generator that pops up on your webpage.  Very easily you can create strong passwords for each of your online accounts and PasswordBox remembers them for you so you don’t have to.   According to their site, even if PasswordBox is forced to with a subpoena, they can not give away your passwords. Only you can decrypt it with your master password.  The best password box features include:  secure one-click sharing, an easy one-click login homepage,  a strong password generator and Legacy Vault (really cool, you can assign someone as your digital heir to have access to your account if you ever pass away).

What we like: Legacy feature and the ability to share passwords securely with people – most times we forget to update our family or coworkers of password changes.. but PasswordBox syncs to all devices and users so everyone has the most relevant information when they need it.  It’s a free to save 25 passwords but you can refer friends for unlimited free password space.

What we don’t like: Don’t like that the start page replaced my default home page without asking.. but you can go to the settings to change easily if you prefer.

Is it really free? Yes, PasswordBox is free across all devices for 25 passwords.  Once you reach that limit, you can upgrade to a premium account for $1 per month, or invite 5 friends to get a free for life membership with unlimited password storage.  If you are using another password manager, you can import an unlimited amount of passwords for free without the upgrade.

TOP2 - Keepass - Password Management Software

Keepass the free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager

This open source, free password keeper offers top notch security and lightning fast installation for most operating systems. (For Windows users, no installation is needed.) You can access your database via a USB key or directly from your desktop and the password generator allows you to create new, random passwords as you add accounts according to properties you define.

What we like: triple layer security for Windows users via a master password, a key file and your Windows user account.

What we don’t like: for full browser functionality, you’ll need to install their plug-ins , and if you’re looking for an iPhone password manager or an iPad password manager, Keepass isn’t the solution for you.

Is it really free? Yes, Keepass really is a free password keeper and even better, it’s an open source software (OSI certified). You can have a look at its coding to be sure that the encryption algorithms are implemented correctly.

TOP3 - 1Password - Password Management Software

1password - Have you ever forgotten a password?

This sleek Mac-centric selection offers a password manager and form filler that integrates directly with your browser for a fluid user experience. 1Password is one of the few password manager options to allow file attachments, so you can safely store related receipts and images, and it will also keep track of your software licenses.

What we like: Mac users will particularly appreciate the well-designed, intuitive interface and their iPhone password application is just as streamlined and easy to use.

What we don’t like: doesn’t work with BlackBerry phones or Linux computers, and backing up data requires a Dropbox (or similar cloud storage program) account.

Is it really free? Just long enough to get you hooked on all the features. They offer a free 30-day trial, but buying licenses for your family’s desktop and mobile devices can get expensive quickly at $49,99 per license.

TOP4 - LastPass - Password Management Software

lastpass - The last password you'll have to remember

This web-based password manager and form filler stores your encrypted data online, so it’s a great option if you bounce between several computers and devices. It also offers safe web browsing and one click logins, can auto generate secure passwords and is free to use on all computers – though you’ll have to pay if you want to sync with mobile devices.

What we like: saves and syncs passwords over the web, so you always have access to current information at a desktop computer.

What we don’t like: the need to install a local plug-in to access all the features. If you often work on a computer that isn’t your own this could be an issue.

Is it really free? Yes and no. The software is free to use on all computers, but if you want to sync with mobile devices you’ll have to pay $1 a month for access to LastPass Premium.

TOP5 - RoboForm - Password Management Software

RoboForm - Easily login to your favorite websites with one click

RoboForm has been considered the best password manager for PC users for years. Now offering versions for Mac and mobile platforms, RoboForm provides quick, smooth access to your web accounts with an automated login function. It also offers one-click form filling and stores an incredibly array of data – from addresses and credit card numbers to contact details from your address book.

What we like: this password manager offers the option to create different ‘identities’ – like personal you and professional you – for filling in web forms.

What we don’t like: Roboform has long been a PC-centric software, so compatibility with iPhones and iPads isn’t as seamless as we’d like it to be.

Is it really free? Not exactly. You can use Robofrom free of charge for 30 days, but once that period is up, you’ll have to purchase one of their annual plans.